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10 Best States to avoid Stolen Car Problems

Car thieves are most attracted to vehicles they can access quick and easily. It follows that the auto insurer suggests the following 12 steps to help drivers prevent a stolen car claim: Keep your vehicle locked at all times, even … Continue reading

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5 worst states for group health insurance

How good your employer-sponsored health insurance is may depend on three main factors: geographic region, industry, and employer size. However, even though some cost trends haven’t changed much since the Affordable Care Act was put in place, 2016 brought major … Continue reading

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10 best states to retire rich and stay that way

When contemplating retirement, you might wonder whether there’s enough money in your retirement savings to support you adequately — without having to work during retirement or find some other source of income. The folks at GOBankingRates have been wondering about … Continue reading

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How Obesity Affects Insurance in most states

As America attempts to get a handle on its obesity dilemma, knowing where to focus resources will be a key part of the strategy. A joint survey by Gallup and Healthways of obesity rates by state suggests that the populace … Continue reading

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Do you live in a Tax Friendly State?

  Retirees in general don’t have an inexhaustible supply of funds to pay for the necessities of life, and the nicer things, once they leave the workplace. So they’re likely to want to make their money go as far as … Continue reading

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The 10 states where insurance costs the most

The report found that health insurance keeps increasing yearly. Here’s an often overlooked fact about insurance: Its cost varies substantially based on where you live. With this in mind, a new study looks at the cumulative costs for life, health, auto … Continue reading

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10 states where $100 buys the most

How much is $100 worth where you live? Been feeling a little flush lately? If you’ve been spending a tad more freely, but your check seems to be lasting longer, maybe it’s because of where you live. There are differences … Continue reading

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