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How To Improve The Value Of Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

What increases the value of one home might not increase the value of another. A resort-style pool and outdoor kitchen in Wyoming might not hold as much value for buyers as the same resort-style pool and outdoor kitchen added to … Continue reading

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The Best Pinterest Group Boards for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent who has a blog and are not using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy then you are missing the boat! If you ask most real estate bloggers who have adapted … Continue reading

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Better Voicemails for Realtors

Many REALTORS forget that consumers have an app on their iPhone or Android device that makes person to person phone calls. Yep! The Phone App allows a consumer to put in a number and press call. It makes the agent’s … Continue reading

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Don’t ASS-U-ME

Ever heard that if you assume – you are making an ASS out of U and Me? If we really look into this mistake, it becomes clear why agents miss out on so much business. Working with as many agents … Continue reading

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Do people trust Real Estate Agents?

A few months ago, I spoke to the owner of a start-up company who was completely convinced that consumers do NOT trust their real estate agents to help them find service providers. He believed that agents were not the best … Continue reading

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5 Things to Never Say When Selling a Home

It’s a lesson worth remembering: Home sellers need to watch what they say to home buyers and their real estate agents. Real estate professionals recently shared with realtor.com® the phrases they say sellers should never utter: 1. “Our house is … Continue reading

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Snapchat for Realtors

MasterMinds of Real Estate (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1999220) along with Agent Mastermind presents: How to Use Shapchat. Realtors are using new technology everyday to reach out to their buyers, sellers and investors. At MasterMinds of Real Estate we show our database of over … Continue reading

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How soon Realtors forget……

Published on Nov 12, 2014 As a Licensed Realtor, we are said to be some of the smartest and most business professionals in the world…..but regardless of how smart we are or how much precautions we take – things do … Continue reading

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How to Have a COOL Home Office!

Who says a home office has to be boring? Not this fashion blogger, who’s been turning Instagram upside down with pics of her impossibly chic space. “When you’re a fashion blogger, your good taste is everything, so it’s no surprise … Continue reading

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More realtors report housing market gains

Latest data from real estate agents in Iowa and Connecticut show that the markets were strong in October. Iowa Association of Realtors report that the median sale price rose by 8.7 per cent year-over-year to $137,500. Home sales dipped to … Continue reading

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