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How are Prescription Drugs covered under Medicare Plans?

In today’s marketplace, if you have/want to purchase a Medigap plan and want prescription drug coverage, you would need to enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan. These can be set-up during the annual enrollment period (AEP) or if/when you … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with Medicare!

Overhaul Medicare? Restructure Medicaid? Not so fast, say those who receive medical care via those agencies. In the wake of legislative stirrings about changing these signature government health organizations, the Kaiser Family Foundation asked members of the public what their … Continue reading

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Agressive medical treatments

Doctors have a hard time backing off on some forms of treatment that are doing more harm than good. According to Forbes, the too-aggressive treatment of blood pressure in diabetes patients, and of diabetes itself, has led to low blood pressure … Continue reading

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Medicare Advantage surges

Five years into Medicare spending cuts that were supposed to devastate private Medicare options for older Americans, enrollment in private insurance plans through Medicare has shot up by more than 50 percent, confounding experts and partisans alike and providing possible … Continue reading

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Changes to Medicare

 Are you aware of these changes? Although Medicare Supplement policies will cease covering the Medicare Part B deductible for those enrolling in Medicare on or after January 1, 2020, state insurance departments are reporting that some Agents have begun telling … Continue reading

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HealthCare.gov needed a ‘couple hundred’ fixes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prodded to be more candid with Congress, Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday the administration’s HealthCare.gov website needed a couple of hundred fixes when it went online more than a month ago. “We’re … Continue reading

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Seniors Pay More for Rx Drugs…..

Many seniors pay much more for prescription drugs than Medicare Part D’s $4,700 catastrophic coverage threshold might suggest. A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that many seniors who take expensive drugs for arthritis, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis … Continue reading

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Bloomberg says Obama budget raises taxes

(Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama’s proposed 2015 budget would increase taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next decade compared with current law, the budget agency said. In a fresh analysis of the White House budget plan for the fiscal year … Continue reading

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More Doctors Are Leaving Medicare

Fewer American doctors are treating patients enrolled in the Medicare health program for seniors, reflecting frustration with its payment rates and pushback against mounting rules, according to health experts. The number of doctors who opted out of Medicare last year, … Continue reading

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