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Homeowners want to know about Insurance Coverage

Many homeowners do not understand what exposures are covered under their home insurance policy, according to a new consumer survey. More than two in five Americans (41 percent) believe that a standard homeowner’s insurance policy protects against mold damage, according … Continue reading

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Homeowners Insurance vs. Landlord Insurance

Oh, the world of insurance — it can be frustrating to understand and as confusing as trying to do a Rubik’s cube with your eyes closed. As a Licensed Insurance Broker, we know that you need to have insurance to … Continue reading

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Be Smart About Your Home Insurance

You probably never think about your homeowners insurance, but Consumer Reports says you should and not just when disaster strikes. There are new twists to homeowners insurance that can save you money and cover you better. Big ticket items like … Continue reading

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Attention Realtors – Do you ever wonder how to keep your clients on your website longer to search for houses? Now – you let them have the ability to shop for HomeOwners Insurance right on your website! Here is the … Continue reading

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How does Homeowners Insurance work with Arson?

QUESTION: My brother in law set the house on fire. My sister is left homeless, with no clothes or money.The insurance claims they won’t pay out on an arson. Is she just out of luck She wasn’t home and had … Continue reading

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Will my Homeowners Insurance cover myself getting hurt?

When it comes to injuries, your homeowners insurance only covers your liability as a property owner, though. So if you or one of your family members were to be injured in your home, it’s not your homeowners insurance but your … Continue reading

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New Homeowners Projects to Knock Out

You just became a homeowner—congratulations! In between the oh-my-gosh-I-have-a-mortgage feeling and the pile of empty pizza boxes (you have yet to unpack your cookware), new homeowners may be making a mental list of all the things you’re going to do … Continue reading

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Should you improve your insurance?

If you have just insured your new home and paid a year’s premiums in advance as required by many lenders, you may think you can forget about insurance for a while. But what if you are planning to remodel your … Continue reading

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Homeowner Tax Deductions

One of the most useful yet widely misunderstood benefits of homeownership is tax deductions. Tax deductions are a welcome gift from the government, but if you’re renting, they benefit your landlord, not you. Property tax deduction: Any money you paid … Continue reading

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The fed speaks — holiday cheer?

Well after months and months of speculation, the Federal Reserve Board finally announced the start of their \”tapering\” program in which they will reduce the amount of their purchases of government and mortgage-back securities by ten billion dollars per month. … Continue reading

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