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Growing Your Real Estate Business!

The 20-60-20 principle covers many different facets of a real estate agent’s business, but nowhere does it have a more poignant meaning than with past clients. In today’s busy real estate market past clients are often forgotten or agents simply … Continue reading

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Do you believe that you lose sales and opportunities because of your prices and fees?

Your value is infinitely more important than your price. To separate yourself from competitive options, you must establish an environment in which your prospect can clearly see the value and expertise that you provide. If prospects can’t see the value, … Continue reading

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The Independent Agent and Your Retirement

Independent registered investment advisory firms are coming of age, and they’re coming into money, too, hitting record levels of revenue and profitability as they record 20 years in business. That’s according to the Charles Schwab 2015 RIA Benchmarking Study, which … Continue reading

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3 Email Newsletter Topics to Hook Real Estate Prospects

Keeping in touch is one of the most important ways for agents to generate repeat and referral business. Print and eNewsletters are a key way to offer your contacts value, and ensure that they remember your name! Direct mail is … Continue reading

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Referrals are one of the many rewards you enjoy for doing a good job. But they’ll continue to be few in number unless you actively seek them out. Here are five tips for generating them from your client base. (There … Continue reading

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It’s time to surprise your clients

Most people enjoy a good surprise which makes it a key tactic to grow your business. But few businesses are good or creative when it comes to planning surprises, so they miss this great opportunity to differentiate themselves in their … Continue reading

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Would you like to be an Inside Sales Agent ?

Learn the job descriptions & tasks that Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) perform to convert leads to appointments on top real estate teams. Traditionally referred to as telemarketers, ISAs are generally responsible for prospecting for new leads, servicing inbound leads from … Continue reading

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Creating Clients for Life – Not Just Customers

In the fast-paced world of real estate, many agents don’t see past the closing of the deal. You hand over the keys and move on to the next home buyer. If this describes you, you’re missing out on a world … Continue reading

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5 reasons why life insurance benefits your clients

Here are five reasons why life insurance benefits your clients: 1. Living benefits Life insurance death benefits can be unlocked by adding living benefit riders. Activate the death benefit for long-term care, chronic illness and even critical illness coverage. Don’t … Continue reading

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