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Benefits are Exploding!

With all of the changes in Benefits and Healthcare – one of the biggest changes that people are seeing are their benefits on the job as well as benefits being self-employed. Even as companies have pared back core benefits in … Continue reading

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Insurance and Same Sex Marriages

Navigating Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) is complicated enough, but after the Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015 recognized same-sex marriages, employers and employees found the rules remained complex. The SCOTUS ruling, Obergefell v. Hodges, … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers about Health Benefits

Legislative changes continue to markedly affect the health benefits marketplace. Employers and their workers face challenges on a number of fronts. Along with those challenges come questions that range from current and future requirements of health care reform, to providing … Continue reading

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The $15 minimum wage will kill jobs.

This is a story about ethics and economics, winners and losers, and the philosophical muddle on both ends of the political spectrum, as told through two of the hot-button issues of the 2016 U.S. presidential race: the minimum wage and free … Continue reading

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Few employers expect to save money on private exchanges

Those in the fast-growing private health insurance exchange business have some work to do to overcome doubts about how much money they\’ll end up saving employers. Many have already bought and have found tremendous savings at http://www.UnitedStatesInsuranceMarketplace.com. That’s one of … Continue reading

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2016 – What are employers choosing for their employees…….

Some of the nation’s largest employers have for years formed captive insurance companies to reduce the risk and cost of employee health benefits. Now that strategy is becoming more popular among smaller and medium-size. “People don’t realize just how big … Continue reading

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Social Security and Retirement

Many people over the age of 55 are not sure how to maximize their retirement income with social security. Robert J Russell Companies has the answers for this. We will show you how to maximize your social security and retirement … Continue reading

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Homeowner Tax Deductions

One of the most useful yet widely misunderstood benefits of homeownership is tax deductions. Tax deductions are a welcome gift from the government, but if you’re renting, they benefit your landlord, not you. Property tax deduction: Any money you paid … Continue reading

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Consumers clueless about HSA’s

Though studies have shown the steady growth of health savings accounts, in actuality, few consumers us the health savings vehicle. Just 8% of Americans have an HSA, according to a study and survey from a leading insurance quoting company. Here … Continue reading

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5 reasons why life insurance benefits your clients

Here are five reasons why life insurance benefits your clients: 1. Living benefits Life insurance death benefits can be unlocked by adding living benefit riders. Activate the death benefit for long-term care, chronic illness and even critical illness coverage. Don’t … Continue reading

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