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3 Factors Threatening the Nursing Home Liability Market

With ample capacity in nursing home and long-term care liability insurance, competition remains strong among carriers. However, clouds have been gathering on the horizon, with the convergence of three separate events threatening to create a perfect storm in the marketplace. … Continue reading

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Understanding the Cost of Life Insurance

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Life Insurance? There are several different types of life insurance available. Term Insurance, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life and Whole Life are the main types. Term life insurance will be the least expensive … Continue reading

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The Solution in Real Estate

Owning a property of our own is a fundamental culture in our lives. Thus, it is a pride itself to own a property. There may be financial and personal reasons for buying a property. And the obvious reason is freedom … Continue reading

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Would you like to be an Inside Sales Agent ?

Learn the job descriptions & tasks that Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) perform to convert leads to appointments on top real estate teams. Traditionally referred to as telemarketers, ISAs are generally responsible for prospecting for new leads, servicing inbound leads from … Continue reading

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Interview Questions For Real Estate Agents

You don’t just hire a real estate agent off the street. It is important that you know that the agent you will hire would be helping you in a lot of ways. Interviewing them is therefore a good idea and … Continue reading

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What if the buyer doesn’t want to go inside the house ?

Often sellers will go next door, or get in their car and park around the corner when there is a showing- that way they know when they can go back home and get on with their normal lives. So what … Continue reading

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