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Does my Homeowners’ Insurance Cover That?

Most homeowners purchase a standard homeowners’ insurance policy and rarely take the time to read it after they receive it from their agent. If they do read it, it is so complicated to understand that it looks like blah, blah, … Continue reading

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Healthcare and 401(k)

Most of the public conversations about health care these days revolve around what to do about the Affordable Care Act. Hillary Clinton wants to build upon it, including the addition of a “public option” insurance program that will compete with … Continue reading

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Top 10 cities for best return on salary

This city, famous for its pink state capitol building and its music festival, is top of the list for where a paycheck goes farthest. When job hunting, whether you’re beginning a career or moving on to the next employer, it … Continue reading

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Long Term Care Insurance

Just about everyone knows about nursing homes. All long-term care (LTC) planning advisors know something about assisted living care, home health care, homemaker services and family care. Some LTC planners may have gaps in their knowledge about another major source … Continue reading

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Employers ignoring PPACA wellness incentives

Few employers seem interested in taking advantage of the wellness incentives of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That was one of the key findings of a study released Monday by Virgin HealthMiles and Workforce magazine. Nearly 10,000 employees … Continue reading

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100% financing is back

It took a while, but it seems one of the products often blamed for contributing to the housing collapse is back. A California-based credit union has announced the release of its 100% financing mortgage product. “We were seeing too many … Continue reading

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The 10 states where insurance costs the most

The report found that health insurance keeps increasing yearly. Here’s an often overlooked fact about insurance: Its cost varies substantially based on where you live. With this in mind, a new study looks at the cumulative costs for life, health, auto … Continue reading

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Plano Texas – #1 Most Affordable Place to Live……..

Life is expensive. That’s true just about everywhere, but just how expensive varies widely. In Kodiak, Alaska, a Coca-Cola costs almost $2.50, while the same soda in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, averages $1.30. This difference illustrates the wide variation in cost for … Continue reading

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Do you really understand the changes in health insurance ?

Starting tomorrow (Jan. 1, 2014) the Healthcare Act will officially start. What is the main key point of this ? Very simply, ALL pre-existing conditions are covered, which means that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, high blood pressure … Continue reading

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Tired of rising health premiums ?

Are you tired of your health insurance premiums always going up ? Now there is a website that you can shop for the lowest possible rates online – shop, compare, buy and get approved within 15 min. Click the link … Continue reading

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