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Robert has been helping individuals and business owners since 1985 and the Robert J Russell brand has spread to over 260 Licensed Insurance Agents/Brokers and over 40 Licensed Realtors all over the United States. * find out about me - visit

Lockdown causes home insurance premiums to decrease

Insurance experts say that there has been a downward shift in home insurance premiums due to a steep drop in reported crime since the start of the coronavirus lockdown. In the last three months, the average buildings and contents policy … Continue reading

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How much money do you have in your Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance can provide much-needed cash for loved ones you leave behind when you die. That financial safety net for those who depend on you for support is the primary reason to buy a policy. But life insurance also can … Continue reading

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Progressive reveals profits in face of pandemic refunds

Despite reporting a significant drop in claims and providing auto insurance customers with premium refunds, Progressive generated a substantial profit during the pandemic – a detail that consumer advocates believe is unfair to customers. In a filing with the Michigan … Continue reading

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Hey You – Driver!! Get off the Phone!!

Dangers of Cell Phone Use and Texting While Driving Whether it is someone talking on the phone in line at the grocery store or texting at the movie theater, cell phone usage is just about everywhere. In an emergency, a … Continue reading

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Alabama Insurance Laws change in 2020

Starting Jan. 1, a new car insurance law is going into effect that could impact what could happen if you’re pulled over. The new car insurance law will give a break to people caught driving without insurance. Currently, if insurance … Continue reading

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It’s time to break up with your Car Insurance Company

(Consumer Reports) – Car insurance premiums nationwide have never been higher. Many of us renew our policies year after year without shopping around. But a recent survey of Consumer Reports members found that an overwhelming majority of those who changed to … Continue reading

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Are you paying too much for car insurance?

For the last 34 years people have always wondered if they are getting a good deal on their insurance or not – and this is what I have heard from them since I got my Insurance License. Auto insurance is … Continue reading

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Car Insurance in Michigan

Some of the biggest changes to Michigan law made headlines when they passed legislative chambers or hit the ballot box in recent years, but will truly kick off in 2020. Still waiting for cheaper auto insurance, or to place your … Continue reading

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10 Best States to avoid Stolen Car Problems

Car thieves are most attracted to vehicles they can access quick and easily. It follows that the auto insurer suggests the following 12 steps to help drivers prevent a stolen car claim: Keep your vehicle locked at all times, even … Continue reading

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Real Estate in Panama City Florida

 BY PAUL ESAJIAN | @PAUL_ESAJIAN With the wake of the recession starting to wane, housing markets across the country are beginning to show signs of life. In particular, the Panama City real estate market has turned a corner, and looks to be able to capitalize … Continue reading

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