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Delaying Retirement?

You’re 49 years old, you make $113,000 a year and you’re starting to get worried about financing your retirement. You could take the drastic step of upping your retirement savings by 10% of your salary. Or you could achieve the same … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Make 2018 the Best Year Yet

Since New Year’s resolutions have a 48-hour shelf life, many people don’t even bother with them. Here is a different approach: five ways to improve performance by focusing on results-changing behaviors. 1. Try something new In their “Habits Across the … Continue reading

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Snow News

The worst storm of the winter season has knocked out power to thousands and canceled almost 3,000 flights. Next it threatens to bring more snow, ice and cold from Florida to Nova Scotia, including New York and Boston. Winter storm … Continue reading

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Learn how to build muscles as quickly as possible.

Some people spend years trying to put on muscle or get more toned, but just can’t seem to make it happen. Others see themselves in the mirror wearing a swimsuit, and realize that they want to get more toned or … Continue reading

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What insurance agents and Realtors need to know about winter flood risks

Floods are the number one most frequently occurring natural disaster in the United States, and this weather threat doesn’t let up once the temperatures drop. Throughout the coldest months of the year, every part of the country is at risk of winter … Continue reading

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Add These Tasks to your To-Do List

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and it requires routine preventive maintenance to keep it in good shape. Some to-dos can be tackled once a year, while others should be carried out on a monthly basis. Here’s a list of … Continue reading

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3 Factors Threatening the Nursing Home Liability Market

With ample capacity in nursing home and long-term care liability insurance, competition remains strong among carriers. However, clouds have been gathering on the horizon, with the convergence of three separate events threatening to create a perfect storm in the marketplace. … Continue reading

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Why Your Employees’ Driving Record Can Be a Reflection on Your Company

You’ve seen it before – a good employee makes a horrible decision in his or her personal vehicle. What are the implications for your company if the employee’s license is revoked, cancelled, or suspended due to alcohol, controlled substance or … Continue reading

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Lower Health Plan Expenses and Reduce Liabilities

Public entities trying to meet the ballooning costs of employee and retiree health benefits face a continuous battle to control those costs and lower their claims experience. However, a multi-pronged strategy that explores both alternative insurance structures and administrative enhancements can … Continue reading

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Coinsurance and Blanket Limits in Commercial Property Insurance

Flynn has been investing in commercial real estate for some time now. He owns, under his real estate corporation, over 50 buildings located in the city, as well as the nearby suburbs. His real estate portfolio consists primarily of leased … Continue reading

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