Traveling is Good for You

In 2015, Americans left a total of 658 million vacation days unused. Studies show that when you deprive yourself from taking a break, it affects your overall performance. A report came out from Project: Time Off that stated that employees are taking way less vacation time than ever before.  

Recently, The Huffington Post came out with a great article that shared several reasons why traveling is good for your body and soul. If you are interested, you can read the whole
article here.
 Here’s what we learned from this eye opening piece:

1.  You’ll Get Back in Shape – often trips are more active than your daily life so getting out and about can get your body moving.
2.  You’ll Engage in new Surroundings and Eliminate Stress – According to experts, there are psychological benefits to changing your surroundings including resetting your mind and body and reducing stress.
3.  You’ll Wind Down and Rest Up – we have one word for you – SLEEP. In our daily grind, often sleep gets compromised. On a vacation, sleep is often restored to the recommended 7 hours per night.
4.  You’ll Boost Your Mood – Many studies support the notion that the simple act of getting away can change your mood, lower your stress and improve your overall mental and physical health.

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