Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…..

Eliminate “Should” From Your Vocabulary!

Should has a connotation that is frought with negativity. A guilt-ridden word, if you will.

Instead of should that has a tendency to make one hang one’s head in shame, try one of these words or phrases instead:

want to 

I would like to

am going to 

I will try to 

or simply I will

This makes one embrace the future of getting something accomplished and taking a positive look at how to do it rather than feeling chagrined about not taking on a task or not completing something. 

Writing goals down is one sure way to move ahead in accomplishing them more readily as well.

It’s been proven that they are more likely to come to fruition when you write a goal down and focus on it daily, weekly. Having visual reminders puts the mind on that course to completion. Vision boards are useful for this as well.

Call that family member or long-lost friend instead of saying to yourself, I really should call so-and-so. Or,  I should take some time off.

Set a date on your calendar!

Say, I WILL do this!


It feels so good when you can take something off your To Do list and you just might make your day as well as someone else’s day better, TOO!


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