Robert’s Tips for Home Sellers….

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details! 

When preparing your home for sale, don’t neglect the little things. Those can yield big results and make for a smooth(er) transaction.

Below are a few of the tips that I share with all my real estate sellers:

Tips for Silver Spring, MD Home Sellers

1. Organize your closets. Yes, all of them – from pantry to linen closet, from walk-ins to bathroom
cabinets, from junk drawer to coat closet. There are 2 big reasons why you should not neglect that “little” detail.

  • Organized closets are synonymous with a well-maintained home. Stuffed, over-flowing closets on the other hand may make the buyers wonder what else you didn’t pay attention to: maintenance items or little repairs that can grow into big ones when neglected.
  • Messy closets also create the impression that there’s a lack of storage in this house… that’s not the impression you want to create.

2. Let the sunshine in! Clean your windows, roll up the blinds and open up the curtains. Nobody likes a dark & gloomy home. Rooms that are bright, airy and flooded with daylight create happy & friendly feelings. These are the kind of feelings that you want all buyers to feel in your home – good vibes sell houses!

3.  Make arrangements for your pets – especially dogs & cats. We all understand that your pets are members of your family and it may be a bit of a hassle during the time your house is on the market.

But, dogs – especially big & loud ones – can scare potential buyers away. More than once did one of my buyers decide to cut a showing short or to not even enter a home to begin with because of a dog.

4. Hide prescription drugs. Please do. They should not be sitting on your counters or stored in the usual places. No, serious home buyers are not out & touring homes to find prescription drugs. But we’ve heard stories of people pretending to be buyers in the hopes of finding prescription drugs.

5. Lock away valuables, jewelry, spare change, electronic devices etc. … . There’s no need to have any of these items on display. See #4.

6. Replace burnt-out light bulbs, clean vents & ceiling fans and repair or replace your front door lock if it’s too hard to open.

7. Walk through your home and “see” with your nose. What do you smell? Is it pleasant?  Can you smell your trashcan in the kitchen? Dirty laundry? Pets? Eliminate all sources of bad odor and add good ones instead (fresh flowers, plug-in fragrances, candles for example).

8. Don’t disclose confidential information pertaining to a contract or your circumstances & motivation for selling on social media or with your neighbors or at the kids play-group or … Your home is not sold until the last signature is placed at the closing table and the buyer’s loan has funded. Until then, stuff can happen. You don’t want to compromise your negotiation position.

While I encourage my sellers to share the listing & awesome professional photography, anything else should be kept confidential. When neighbors ask you about the price, tell them the list price but don’t talk about if you were willing to adjust it lower or agreed to pay 3% closing help. They’ll find out after closing. That’s soon enough.

The devil is in the details! Don’t neglect the little things, those can yield big results and make for a smooth(er) transaction!

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