5 worst states for group health insurance

Do you live in one of the top 5 states that has the highest health care premiums? Read on to find out. (Photo: iStock)

How good your employer-sponsored health insurance is may depend on three main factors: geographic region, industry, and employer size.

However, even though some cost trends haven’t changed much since the Affordable Care Act was put in place, 2016 brought major rate hikes to family plans among these groups, making it harder for small businesses to be family-friendly employers.

5. New Jersey


4. Vermont


3. New York


The Empire State is expensive, and its group health insurance no less so. Singles pay $624 a month for their coverage, while families pay $1,572 — and based on the latter alone, New York would actually move down a spot to finish just one up from the bottom.

2. Wyoming


Wyoming had the dubious honor of capturing 2nd place from the bottom for its singles premiums, while its family coverage alone would have placed it 4th from the bottom. Monthly premiums for singles and families in the state increased from $534 and $1,326, respectively, in 2015 to $662 and $1,453, respectively, in 2016; that represents nearly a 24 percent increase in single coverage and nearly a 10 percent increase in family coverage.

1. Alaska


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