Covering the pool in February

February and March in the pool areas may draw a pool owner’s attention away from the back yard pool at a time where proper maintenance can be critical. Falling tree foliage, wind-blown debris and sudden freezes are part of the pool way of life. Pool covers are an important consideration for pool owners all over.

At some point in the fall the end of the swim season arrives. The timing of the end of swim season varies—Gohlke Pools tells us that they used to have a customer that would have us remove his swimming pool cover the week of July 4th, and then he call to have it covered the week after July 4th. This left his pool open for just a few days so his granddaughter could use it while she visited – WOW – what a grandfather!

Solid covers are still sometimes used in the area, although they have declined in use over the past few years due to the increasing popularity of mesh covers. If leaves are not a problem, then a solid cover or not covering the pool at all are both good options. Covering your pool with a solid cover probably makes the most economic sense, but we rarely consider just economics when we make a decision.

Gohlke pools tells us that they typically tell customers who are considering winter pool care options that if they have a leaf problem in the fall, a mesh cover is probably the best option. Mesh covers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Mesh covers allow water to pass through but catch the leaves. Although the leaves will still have to be removed from the top of the mesh cover, the cover keeps the majority of the leaves from getting into the pool.  A properly installed mesh cover (which resembles a trampoline-look over your pool) allows you to blow the leaves off the cover. If safety is a concern, a mesh cover is an excellent choice.  In addition, they are fairly easy to take on and off once they are initially installed. The disadvantages are that the pump must still run periodically and chemicals must be added periodically.

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