The Worst Celebrity Neighbor for 2016……..

And the Worst Celebrity Neighbor of 2016 Is…

How does a bad neighbor affect your homeowners insurance premiums?

How does a bad neighbor affect the value of your home?

Zillow has once again taken the glittering pulse of celebrity neighbor-dom in its annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey, ranking the high-profilers us “normies” wouldn’t mind occasionally borrowing a cup of sugar from. The most sought-after, according to the survey, is the exiting First Family, who will remain residents of D.C. (get a glimpse of their new digs here!) in the new year. The least, on the other hand, is real-life (and now two-time) worst neighbor Justin Bieber, who racked up the most votes in the history of the survey.

“There was a lot of excitement around the fact that the Obamas chose to stay in D.C. after living in the White House—a first for a former president since Woodrow Wilson,” says Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow chief marketing officer. “Maybe it’s the additional neighborhood security or the possibility of running into other influential and famous people, but it’s clear people are intrigued by the idea of living next to the First Family. On the other hand, Justin Bieber continues to stir up trouble everywhere he goes and would likely be an unpredictable neighbor.”

The complete rankings:



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