Condos Bought in 2 hours

In the real estate world, when the right opportunity pops up, two hours can really make a difference. In that short time frame, you can either snap up a killer deal…or miss out on one.

That’s certainly the case with Real Estate Trend Alert. Members of this little group know from firsthand experience that when I tell them a deal is worth paying attention to, they need to be ready to act.

When I find a deal or an opportunity that could turn a serious profit, I give members of this little group the lowdown by email. They can act in real time, snapping up the best deals from the comfort of their armchair.

That’s exactly what happened a month ago, with a killer deal in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This was a strong deal—little one-bedroom condos in a booming beach city from as low as $148,800. That price was only available to Real Estate Trend Alert members. They got in ahead of the developer’s friends and family list, ahead of the public, and ahead of local brokers.

Members recognized the strength of this deal. They acted quickly. The first five condos were gone in 29 minutes. Within two hours, all of the available one-bedroom condos had been locked down.

RETA members are savvy investors. They’re looking for deals. But they don’t have the time nor the resources to scout the globe, looking for investment gems. That’s my job. I pinpoint the most promising locations that are set to boom. Then I put dozens of projects in those locations under the microscope, and filter them down to identify the strongest opportunities—one project might make it through this process.

If one does, I get to work to turn a promising deal into a red-hot, killer deal. Because of the connections and huge network of contacts I’ve built up over the last 13 years, I can go straight to the top and negotiate directly with developers. I get exclusive pricing for members of my group—the best prices and payment terms that no one else can access.

The opportunity last month was one of the strongest short-term rental plays since I founded Real Estate Trend Alert.

The deal was to buy a little condo in Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Playa del Carmen is a city that I’ve been watching closely for more than a decade. It’s a buzzing, fast-growing city that’s seen both a tourism and a population boom.

With the right real estate buy, an investor in Playa would be in prime position to profit from either of those demographics.

But, for three years, I hadn’t made a single pre-release recommendation in Playa del Carmen—despite the strength of this market. I hadn’t found the right deal or opportunity that I was willing to bring to members of Real Estate Trend Alert. Until last month.

The deal was to buy a one-bedroom condo for members-only pricing of $148,800. The first five members to act got a discount of $5,000, bringing their price down to $143,800.

This is why this deal was so killer: It was a strong opportunity to tap into this beach city’s booming short-term rental market. I predict you could rent this one-bedroom condo out for 200 nights a year at a conservative $125 per night. That would gross you $25,000. At a less conservative average of $150 per night, your gross would rise to $30,000—on a condo that cost as little as $143,800 to buy.

And that members-only pricing will deliver more than just a strong rental yield. It also has the potential to benefit from strong capital appreciation.

Last Saturday, this project was released to the local market. The developer had planned to launch any remaining one-bedroom condos at $156,800. Of course, there were no one-bedroom condos left. They’d all been snapped up by members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group. I expect prices on these one-bedroom condos will keep rising as this development is built out.

For all those reasons, RETA members acted quickly. The opportunity to do well on this deal has passed.

But, I’m currently negotiating another deal with the developer who brought us this opportunity. I expect to tell members of my Real Estate Trend Alert about this next deal before the end of the year. The only way to get the details of this new opportunity—and details on how you can act when the deal is released



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