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With the second month of fall nearly at an end, due dates for many important things arise. Especially for your “Soon to be Adult Children.†If one of them is in their last year of high school, you’ve experienced an increase in talk of FAFSAs and college applications, while the deadlines for completing each of them draws near. Fear not! Each of these processes are far more simple than they seem! The ways for easier submission processes follow; and don’t be afraid to give your young adult a hand in completing them! So, here is a checklist for your child to begin to do.


1. Do your FAFSA application today. Most students don’t realize that much of federal student aid is given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Unlike studying for your college exams, procrastinating on filing your FAFSA application can put a strain on your finances, so don’t delay.

2. Apply online. Using the web-based version of the FAFSA form is the fastest and easiest way to apply. Applying electronically allows colleges to receive your processed information faster than taking the traditional mail-in route. The online FAFSA form also gives step-by-step instructions, along with hints that may help you, incase you stumble upon confusing info or need more general clarification.

3. Get organized. Create a checklist of the documents you need early on; these may include forms your parents or guardians must fill out. For each step of the FAFSA process, try devising ways for you to keep each step in check, both literally and informally. Organizers are your friends, along with checklists and your parent’s help of course! Getting organized before you start allows you to complete the FAFSA seamlessly — without having to stop and retrieve missing items.

College Applications:

1. Make a list of colleges to apply to.
With over 6,000 colleges in the United States, the first step in applying to college is to do someresearch and make a list of colleges you’re interested in. This process will be different for everyone. Some students already have schools in mind, some know the state they want to live in, and others have no clue where to start.

2. Splitting the list into target schools, schools that are academically within reach, and schools you are pretty sure you’ll be accepted at.
You will need to take your list and decide which are your top picks, which are attainablefor you academically, which are affordable for you only with aid (don’t discount a schoolbecause of price, but if this is a factor have a backup plan), and refine your broad list into agroup of schools that gives you the best chance for success.

3. However, understand that there is a college for every student who wants to go.
The USA has many degree-granting institutions. Almost all of them accept the majority of applicants, only a small number of elite schools accept less than half the people who apply. Hundreds of colleges accept almost everyone who applies. So, you are definitely getting into college if you want to go.

Now get out there and get those things done using your newfound strategies!


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