Nicaragua is bouncing back

Whenever I hear about Nicaragua, I’m always intrigued. I hear so many good things about it from writers and visitors to the country. Anybody I’ve asked about Nicaragua can’t get enough of the country. They love it. Some have moved there full time, while others have been on different scouting trips and vacations over the years. And they all say the same thing: “You need to visit for yourself.”

And they have a whole list of benefits… They explain that it’s one of the most affordable retirement destinations in the world. The fact that it’s close to the U.S. is a big advantage, with flights from Miami to Managua only taking two-and-a-half hours.

What really does it for most people though, are the costs. You can easily and comfortably live on between $1,000 and $2,000 a month, including rent…in big cities, mountain villages, beautiful colonial towns, or stunning beach towns.

And this week in Your Own Home Overseas, we’re going to show you why more and more people are picking Nicaragua as their dream retirement haven and bring you examples of the affordable property that is available. Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear about…

One person who always makes me feel like I’m missing out is Bonnie Hayman. Bonnie moved to Nicaragua from California after visiting on vacation…and she hasn’t looked back since.

“Sitting with a cold beer on the San Juan beach with a friend, watching the most colorful and amazing sunset of my life, I told her I was moving to this funky little beach town. She asked me, ‘When? In 11 years when you retire?’ Nope…I’m coming back in 90 days, I told her! And I did,” Bonnie says, revealing how she made the move.

“I bought my house just outside of town the next day, closed my technical writing business in San Diego, wrapped up my life in California, and was back sipping terrific Nicaraguan coffee and gazing at the ocean on my new patio in 90 days, and kicking myself that I hadn’t done it sooner.”

We’ll also hear from real estate expert Ronan McMahon. He’s been exploring Nicaragua for a number of years and is always on the lookout for the next big opportunity.

“Nicaragua is bouncing back. Once one of the wealthiest countries in Central America, it was rocked by war and economic crisis in recent decades. Now, it’s on the path to reclaiming its former status. Tourism is set for a growth boom. Last year, revenue from tourism in Nicaragua was up 18.7%. Tourism numbers increased 5.8%. And this trend is set to continue,” writes Ronan.

“There’s opportunity to make a killing by snapping up real estate that’s set to rise in value—and profit from the Path of Progress rolling through.”

You can find something to suit you in Nicaragua. With excellent, low-cost healthcare, a welcoming expat community, and friendly, helpful locals…it really does have something for everyone.



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