The Riviera Maya: The Real Estate Gift That Keeps on Giving

I dedicate my time to finding the strongest destinations to generate the strongest returns in the world. When I find them, I negotiate with developers and real estate brokers to get the best deals on the best real estate.

I’ve revealed some strong deals in recent years to that group. Opportunities to buy low…and to as much as double an investment in five to seven years.

And one location, above any, has stood out as the gold-standard opportunity on my beat. That is Mexico’s Riviera Maya. You may only know of the Riviera Maya because of the resort city of Cancun. But there’s more to the Riviera Maya than that—much more.

This 80-mile stretch of coastline, which runs from Cancun to the cool and chilled town of Tulum, is home to some of the best deals I’ve ever uncovered.

A Path of Progress is rolling down this Caribbean coastline. The Mexican government is investing heavily in the Riviera Maya. It wants to repeat its massive success in Cancun. In the 1970s, the government set about making the then-almost unknown Cancun a resort city. It invested heavily to turn Cancun from a sandy spit of land into a thriving vacation destination. It funded infrastructure, hotel building, and a new airport.

Cancun is a runaway success. Now, the government wants to repeat that success on the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is on a tear. It’s in the midst of a massive growth trend. Vacationer numbers are rising steadily. In 2014 (the latest statistics available), tourist numbers for the Riviera Maya hit 4.4 million. Numbers for 2015 and 2016 are predicted to be higher.

The Riviera Maya has hotel occupancy figures that more resemble New York, London, or Paris than other beach locales in the Caribbean.

And it’s not just vacationers who are coming. The Riviera Maya is sucking in mobile professionals from all round the world. They’re coming to open boutique stores and restaurants—or work from a laptop on the beach.

Because of the high demand on hotel and other short-term accommodation, owning the right piece of real estate can have the potential for serious rental income.

And that’s where members of  Real Estate Trend Alert group have done well in recent years. Based on my recommendations, they’ve been able to lock down prime real estate—usually with special members-only pricing I’ve negotiated on their behalf—and see serious profit from rental income and from strong capital appreciation.

In just one of the deals I’ve recommended in recent years, that meant locking down a condo in a hip Riviera Maya city for members-only pricing of $136,500. Three years later, those condos have seen strong capital appreciation. One now lists for $189,000. That’s a paper gain of more than $50,000. With the right marketing, one of those buyers could do very well in terms of rental income. I’ve got word recently of one owner of a two-bedroom condo in that same development. In just the first four months of this year, he grossed north of $10,000 in income from his condo.

And the opportunity is not over on the Riviera Maya. The Path of Progress that’s rolling through is a juggernaut—I’ve rarely seen a growth trajectory as strong as this one or with so much opportunity for real estate investors to profit—that is, if you know what and how to buy.

I’m putting the finishing touches on another killer deal on the Riviera Maya right this second—one with pricing under $160,000 and where owners could see strong rental yields once the community is built out.



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