Is Car Insurance Higher On Smart Cars?

Not necessarily, no. In fact, some companies charge higher premium for larger vehicles such as large SUV’s, vans or pickups. These larger vehicles can cause much more damage to people and property than can smaller, ligher vehicles so the liability portion of the policy would be proportionally more expensive than for a smaller one. As for the physical damage portion of the policy, namely Comprehensive and Collision, as my colleague stated earlier, the rate a company charges is based more upon their loss experience with a vehicle than it’s relative size and weight. I have not seen a situation where a smaller vehicle receives any sort of a premium surcharge.

Rating factors go far beyond just the vehicle you drive. Location of where the car is garaged, driving record, age, marital status all come into play when considering rates. Not to mention potential discounts you may qualify for. Many new so called safer cars can be very expensive to insure simply due to the fact they blow apart into many pieces to save your life.


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