Better Voicemails for Realtors

Many REALTORS forget that consumers have an app on their iPhone or Android device that makes person to person phone calls. Yep! The Phone App allows a consumer to put in a number and press call. It makes the agent’s telephone ring. If the agent accepts the call, then the consumer and the agent have a live conversation using words. It’s amazing technology.


Another common feature of the phone is that if an agent is busy, the handheld device will play a recording. This recording can be customized by the agent in their own voice and they can add as much or as little information to that message as they like. There are two powerful ways that agents can turn missed calls into opportunities.

  1. Invite them to send you a text message with their question and leave an email address if they want you to send them information.
  2. Invite them to visit your website to see listing prices or schedule a showing

Read this out loud and tell me which one is better:

  1. “Hi, sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message and I will call you back.”
  2. “Hi, sorry I missed your call. Visit for listing prices or to schedule a showing. Feel free to leave a voice message or send me a text and I can will you back or email you the information you requested.”

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