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Real estate professionals must embrace savvy digital marketing strategies in our hyper-connected world. Within these strategies are specific tactics that can transform your marketing from the mundane to the magnificent. There’s value in postcards, calendars, and business cards, but digital marketing is the best way for real estate professionals to leverage their money and time. Allow me to present the top five digital marketing hacks for real estate professionals.

Blogging and SEO

Many have extolled the virtues of blogging and its SEO benefits. It’s for good reason, though. Consistent blogging on a hyper-local, neighborhood level establishes you as a trusted voice in your community. Consistent blogging also helps your name/brand show up higher in organic search results. Blog content is the foundation for search engine optimization (SEO). Blog content is also the fuel for your social media activity.

Automate with IFTTT

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” On the basic level, you can use IFTTT to share your evergreen blog content to your various social media channels every day or even every hour. But beyond social media sharing, this internet tool can help you market and control utilities for a listing with your hands off. Smart-connected home tools and tasks (lights, Nest A/C settings, and more) are all manageable on IFTTT. Cool stuff like makes for neat “talking points” and digital marketing hacks for real estate. Have fun with social media marketing automation and more at


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