Don’t ASS-U-ME

Ever heard that if you assume – you are making an ASS out of U and Me? If we really look into this mistake, it becomes clear why agents miss out on so much business.
Working with as many agents as I do, I find that most agents share common challenges when converting prospects over the phone to appointments. One of the biggest errors I hear made is letting the ad campaign the prospect responded to determine the offer you make to that prospect. In other words, BEFORE we even pick up the phone, “we” are deciding whether a prospect is a buyer or a seller.

This is often a big mistake and sometimes even an obvious one. Let me give you the example of a prospect who responds to an on-line home evaluation. On the surface, it’s obvious this is a home owner likely looking to sell their home. However, with some key probing questions you would determine that this same prospect is, in fact, looking to stay in the area and would much prefer looking around, BEFORE putting their own home up for sale, to get a sense of what homes are out there to purchase. So you see, the qualifying questions ALWAYS determine the motivation for each prospect and, therefore, the best offer to make.

The same can be said for a buyer ad campaign. When you run through the questions with “buyers” who responded to a “buyer” campaign, often you’ll find through their responses that this buyer, in fact, owns a current home which they would like to get on the market BEFORE they purchase another home.

If we really look into this mistake, it becomes clear why agents miss out on so much business. Take the scenario of the on-line evaluation/seller prospect. The common mistake is to fixate on the listing and not explore the buy-first option. Let’s say you do this and set a follow up call for several weeks or months in the future. In the meantime, that prospect is out looking for a home. Eventually, they call off a sign or two, or respond to a house ad, and before you know it they are working with another agent who they are very happy with. Because you focused only on the listing side, you’re now very likely to miss out or will, at the very least, be fighting an uphill battle to convert that listing.

Unfortunately this happens all the time in our business. Fortunately it doesn’t ever have to happen again if you let the qualifying questions (vs. your own assumptions) determine the prospect’s true motivation and, in turn, the best offer you can make to convert them to your client.


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