Your Real Estate website is collecting Dust not Leads


According to ListHub, 92 percent of home buyers start their search for a new home online. Are you giving consumers what they want with your business website? Not only is your website a great platform to display your brand and value, but it can also be a great lead capture tool. Making sure your website is up to today’s online standards will ensure you stand out when a consumer lands on your page. There are three best practices we think are most important for an effective real estate website:

Show Your Value

Consumers come to your website to search for listings and learn about the local market, so show them what you got! Your site should be designed with your potential clients in mind. Think about what information they’re looking for and how you can provide it in a user-friendly manner. Testimonials from previous customers are a great way to demonstrate your value and explain (in a more unbiased manner) how you can satisfy a consumer’s needs. Local market statistics, neighborhood reports, and community updates help to position you as a local expert.

Use a mix of text, photos, and videos to engage consumers visually – content they can easily share is a great way to get your name out to the masses and establish your place as a trusted source of local real estate information.


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