Building an online presence

What are you doing to build your online presence? Nothing? Here are some ideas for people in Real Estate – read on….

A core foundation for your online real estate marketing — is just the first step in your overall marketing plan. Once your website is live, it’s on you to kick your digital promotion up a notch. That means forming an email marketing blueprint, developing a social media footprint, and diving into the world of advertising (both online and offline).

Together, all of these channels and tactics add up to one thing: a comprehensive, omni-channel marketing strategy that allows you to effectively reach, inform, and nurture your audience and — in time — convert them into new business.

So what exactly is an omni-channel marketing strategy?

Also commonly referred to as multi-channel marketing (though you’ll hear some say the two are different approaches), this method of brand promotion entails the utilization of several online outlets and techniques to enhance one’s reach to a targeted, niche audience. In the case of real estate, that means implementing a marketing strategy that incorporates the base infrastructure of one’s online presence — the almighty website — and then building on this foundation once it’s optimized accordingly (e.g. numerous landing pages that offer resources and brand information are built out, several blog posts have been published, and listings are frequently updated across each page).

Once you feel comfortable augmenting your site with plenty of relevant, local market details and your industry expertise, you can enter the next phase of your omni-channel scheme:

  • Developing an organized lead management plan (complete with prospect-scoring and monitoring capabilities)
  • Building out an email marketing plan (preferably starting with pre-written, automated drip campaigns for your different lead segments)
  • Expanding your reach through targeted advertising (e.g. pay-per-click ads via Google AdWords, targeted real estate mailers)
  • Broadening awareness of your brand on social media (organic and paid publication, and regular engagement with your audience)



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