Recommendations for the best buys in Northern Nicaragua

Right now, I see one last frontier market in Central America where you could buy a piece of land or property that’s set to rise in value. That frontier market is Northern Nicaragua.

This stunning part of the world has stayed off the radar of most real estate buyers thanks to an outdated reputation. Many still see Nicaragua as a war-torn, basket-case country. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Nicaragua of today is peaceful, developing, and one of the friendliest places I’ve ever visited.

And its northern region is bursting with opportunity—if you know the right locations and type of property to buy.

Northern Nicaragua managed to stay off even my radar for a long time. When I first started scouting out opportunity in Nicaragua, I looked to the south of the country—in places like the beach town of San Juan del Sur and the colonial city of Granada.

But the more I visited the country—and the more I dug into the macro story—the more I realized that the biggest opportunity was in the north. Yet few real estate investors are taking the time to uncover the opportunity in Northern Nicaragua…even though property prices are set to take off in the coming years.

When I first started scouting Northern Nicaragua, I was humbled by the sheer beauty of the region. Miles of untouched stunning coastline face the Pacific Ocean. Dramatic lakes and volcanoes dot the landscape. And its colonial city, Leon, is on a par with the historic aesthetic of Granada.

The investment story is compelling. The agricultural sector here is tried and tested…and strong. It’s been a mainstay of Northern Nicaragua’s economy for decades. But new industry has arrived in the past decade—including new state-of-the-art energy plants. The middle class is growing…and they’re looking to buy shiny new houses and condos.

Tourism is on a tear, too. Northern Nicaragua has as much—if not more—to offer vacationers as the south of the country. In the past decades, much of the country’s tourism efforts have focused on the south. But that’s changing. The Nicaraguan government has recognized the potential of the north. It’s working to increase tourism numbers to the north—to bring them to the beaches, the volcanoes, and the cities. Infrastructure is improving—smooth highways make the drive from Managua’s international airport easier than ever before.

This is what I term a classic ”Path of Progress” story. When progress like this comes, an increase in real estate values is never far behind.

But right now, Northern Nicaragua is still overlooked by most real estate investors. For savvy real estate investors, that’s good news. We can get in ahead of the pack to pick up bargains.

Now is the time to strike in Northern Nicaragua—and reap the benefits of capital appreciation and the potential for rental income as more vacationers come.

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