It may be time to quit the job hunt

You’re applying to every job under the sun. When your bills are stacking up or you don’t know how you’ll stomach one more day in a role you hate, you decide any job would be better than your current situation. The issue with that mentality is that hiring managers can smell it a mile away – and it turns them off. First things first, take a few days off and check in with yourself. Once you have some clarity, get back to the search, but this time, be strategic.

You’re obsessing. To some degree, almost everyone obsesses when waiting to hear back about a job. But, recognize when it’s taken over your life. Take a break and find the balance. Yes, you want to follow up on any emails and practice interview questions, but you don’t need to skip the gym in order to do it. Give the hunt no more than 75% – and the rest of the time, invest in the other parts of your life.

You’re advancing, but not getting offers. This is one of the most frustrating and most obvious signs that your current job search strategy isn’t working. The fact that you’re seeing some advancement means your application has good bones. However, your best bet is to back away for a bit and reflect. Look for any signs you may be getting in your way; or better yet, reach out to a mentor or career coach who can help you revise search strategy.


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