Your resume stinks! It’s time for some spring cleaning!

Have you noticed a slew of new job listings going up recently? There’s a reason for that: Spring is prime hiring season for many organizations. If you want to compete, it’s important to make sure your resume is current when it comes to both personal information and style.

1) Consolidate your work experience. You may have numerous relevant accomplishments and skills from previous roles, but listing each of them on your resume just increases the time it takes for someone to read it. Write a brief sentence summarizing your role and include 2-4 bullet points about your most impressive accomplishments. 2) Keep it current. If you’re more than 15 years into your career, it’s likely that you have a lot of work experience with several different companies under your belt. It’s not always necessary to include every detail from your entire career history. Consider deleting any experience from prior to 2002 if it’s not the most relevant to your current or future career goals.

3) Follow instructions. Some companies have very specific instructions as to what they want to see in your resume, cover letter and work samples. Failing to do what’s been asked could mean an automatic “no” from employers. Attention to detail is also important when it comes to proofreading your resume for grammatical and spelling errors. Be sure to take your time and review your entire application at least twice before sending it.


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