What age is it a good idea to look into life insurance?

I get this question more than any question about Life Insurance so here is my answer:

Life insurance can be acquired at a variety of life stages.  You may hear about life insurance being used as a tool for infinite banking, college planning, mortgage protection, and more – this reflects the variety of potential benefits that can be provided by life insurance (outside of the obvious death benefit).  You will have more utilization options when you acquire life insurance at a younger age, plus you’ll benefit from the lower rates that come with a lower age.

Even if you do not think you need any life insurance right now, if you can afford to get some – I’d recommend taking a look at a policy designed to cover end-of-life expenses and/or a modest policy now that could guarantee you’ll have some coverage should you develop a condition/illness that would prevent you from acquiring life insurance in the future.


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