Email communication is still number 1

There’s good news for real estate email marketers – Americans are obsessed with email! A study by Adobe Systems, published in Forbes magazine, states that adults spend over six ours a day checking email. Study participants say they check email “around the clock.”

And if you thought email wasn’t hip enough for Generation Y, guess again! Millennials check email more frequently than Generation X or Boomer users.

Email obsession knows no boundaries. Ninety percent of study participants check personal email while at work – and check work email on personal time. Sneaking a peek at email is an irresistible urge, and is often done in the midst of some other activity.

For example, study participants admitted to reading email while watching TV, and while talking on the phone, or while using the washroom, and even while driving their car. About 30 percent of them said that checking email is the first thing they do each morning – before getting out of bed!

However, there are some common complaints about emails. According to the study, pet peeves include:

  • Long messages that cannot be read without scrolling
  • Messages that take too long to open due to images
  • Spam
  • Repetitive/pointless messages
  • Too many messages

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