Job Search Expectations

Focus on mini-milestones. Although the job offer itself ends up being the most important result from your job search, it’s helpful to break it down even further to stay the course. Even meaningful networking conversations deserve a celebration, whether it’s a special cup of java, a manicure or a shoe shine. This is progress. Document your job search activities. Keep track of companies you’re applying to, dates and outcomes of phone and office interviews, next steps and, most importantly, when and with whom you’re following up.

Create a rewards system. Instead of thinking how far off the end goal seems, create multiple finish lines closer to your current state. Set markers along the way, such as three successful recent interviews or two excellent contacts made from an industry networking event. Think realistically about time frames. You’re not the only person eager to land that new job. Having a preconceived mindset of when you think you’ll land a job isn’t helpful. Too many things are out of your control and expecting immediate feedback and instant next steps will distract you from your endeavors.

Consider this: Would you really want to expedite the process to work for a less-than-stellar employer within three months instead of that amazing employer within five months? As you toss expectations of a swift process away, you will only be delighted if the process is faster than you anticipated.


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