Find a job you love

1) Self-assess: Finding a job you love involves knowing yourself and what you want. Do you have specific talents or skills that could be of use? How does your past job experience and education fit in? As you prioritize your needs and wants, you’ll have a much better idea of what jobs to apply for.

2) Stick to your guns: To avoid wasting time in your current search, stick with your list of “wants and needs.” It’s always better to hold out for the job you actually want. Don’t necessarily take the first offer you get. 3) Pursue your curiosity: Get to know the company and the job you’re applying to. Find out as much about the company and its culture as you can. Internships or information interviews are a great way to get a feel for a company’s culture, values and day-to-day functions.

4) Focus on a few companies you really like: Sometimes less is more. If you know the field you want to get a job in, do some research into companies that offer similar positions, benefits, culture, salary and career advancements. 5) Customize a killer cover letter: Make your cover letter reflect any unique traits you have to offer and what you want to accomplish in the position. Avoid using fluffy, vague or cliche statements. Instead, focus on helping the reader understand who you are and how you can succeed in the given job.


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