Words that will KILL your resume!

1) Tie words to actual results. Link your skills to specific results that demonstrate your competence. Figure out how all these buzzwords describe you and give the detail through which a reader will come to the conclusion you want. For example, rather than simply asserting she’s a solid communicator, a nurse might offer a bullet point that reads: “Enhanced communication between physicians and families by educating parents on their child’s condition, support and care.” This level of detail enables the reader to imagine that nurse sitting with parents somewhere in a hospital, engaging in active dialogue.

2) Use active language. So often people define themselves by their responsibilities and leave it at that. It’s not just about what you were responsible for, but rather how you exercised your authority to fulfill your responsibilities and what results you attained that separate you from everyone else. Rather than saying, “Responsible for marketing XYZ product,” share a mini-story with a bullet point like this: “Managed launch of XYZ product including: overseeing messaging development, creating print and online marketing advertisements, obtaining 2 key product endorsements and allocating advertising budget of $1 million among all media.”

3) Let others vouch for you. It’s one thing to claim something about yourself, while it is much more forceful if others say it in your stead. Seek out endorsements and recommendations from other reputable sources who can verify your talent and skills.


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