Will 4.5 days be the new work week?

Want to enhance your benefits package to entice your top performers to hang around and lure new talent to your team? Offer them a half day’s work on Friday — it’s by far the No. 1 perk desired by employees.

This, at least, is what several thousand respondents to a CareerBuilder survey said. Constantly on the prowl for more information on job seekers, CareerBuilder learned that 21 percent of those surveyed have resolved to land a new job in 2016, up from 16 percent in last year’s survey. So what are these folks looking for in a new employer?

Some of the qualities employees on the hunt value can’t be changed on short notice. The five most important characteristics in a new employer — all of which outranked salary — were as follows:

  • Job stability: 65 percent
  • Affordable benefits: 59 percent
  • Location: 56 percent
  • Good boss: 51 percent
  • Good work culture: 46 percent

But when asked what perks would sway their decision to either accept or reject a job offer, the list included benefits that almost any employer could offer. The top five:

  • Half-day Fridays: 38 percent
  • On-site fitness center: 23 percent
  • Daily catered lunches: 22 percent
  • Massages: 18 percent
  • Being able to wear jeans: 16 percent

CareerBuilder also asked respondents what other New Year’s resolutions they’d made for 2016. The top five revealed that more money and better health were their top concerns:

  • Save more of my pay: 38 percent (vs. 42 percent last year)
  • Be less stressed: 28 percent (vs. 34 percent last year)
  • Get a raise or promotion: 26 percent (vs. 26 percent last year)
  • Eat healthier at work: 19 percent (vs. 25 percent last year)
  • Learn something new (take more courses, training, seminars): 17 percent (vs. 22 percent last year)

The goals were similar to those set last year at this time. Here’s how they did with regard to their promises to themselves:

  • Eat healthier at work: 13 percent
  • Be less stressed: 12 percent
  • Save more of my pay: 11 percent
  • Learn something new (take more courses, training, seminars): 9 percent
  • Perform better on the job: 8 percent

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