Hollywood actor arrested for assaulting Trump supporting cab driver

We often hear stories about people being worried about violence erupting in the streets now that President-elect Donald Trump was elected, but it would appear that the primary offenders are those who are not the biggest fans of the incoming president.

This time, the violence occurred when actor T.J. Miller, star of “Silicon Valley,” assaulted a ride share driver after an argument about the driver’s support for Donald Trump, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The arrest took place at 1 a.m. Friday morning after an altercation with a cab service driver resulted in Miller allegedly assaulting the employee over a political argument involving Donald Trump, LAPD officer Jenny Houser told The Hollywood Reporter.

The incident was recorded as a private person arrest, commonly known as a citizen’s arrest, the official said. Miller was taken into custody by LAPD officers and released without having to post bail later that same morning, officer Houser said.

LAPD did not confirm which car share company the driver was employed by.

Miller said in a tweet that he would address the arrest during his hosting of the Critic’s Choice Awards ceremony.

He did not, however, and continuously danced around the subject when on stage. Instead, he decided to take shots at Trump according to USA Today.

Jokes aside, Miller then shared he was ready to “talk about the real elephant in the room. Everyone’s been asking me about it,” he said. And of course, by “it,” he meant the 31st anniversary of Broadway’s A Chorus Line.

Miller went on to crack jokes about President-elect Donald Trump, the alleged subject of contention between him and his driver Friday. Noting that it was “a big year for trolls,” the actor quipped: “Not the movie, but dudes on the Internet. One of them got elected.”

It seems Miller has yet to suffer any repercussions for his behavior, save for those who berated him online.

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