9 Email Marketing Ideas for 2016

Here is a short list of 9 Email Marketing Ideas that you should know when you design your next email marketing campaign.

1: Subject Line – Short is Best

Keep your Subject Line short and to the point. Maximum length should be 49 characters because longer subject lines may get cut short in the viewers email inbox.

2: Subject Line – Sexy Sells

The Subject Line may be the only thing people see and if it is not intriguing enough to get them to open the email you have lost the game.

3: Logos – Top of Page

You must display your logo prominently. It should be the first thing people see. It must be consistently used every time you send an email.

4: Fonts

Use fonts like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. They are universally available and they are familiar. Keep sizes and colors to a minimum. Multiple sizes and colors are confusing and detract from your CTA.

5: Images

Keep images to a minimum… a Logo and maybe a CTA button and maybe a graphic that sells an emotion… that’s it… minimal. Use ALT Tags and Descriptions in case the images are not downloaded by the reader’s mail service.

6: Message Length

Keep your message short and too the point. Provide a link to another page where more details can be found. I recommend about 100-150 words… with a link for [… more info]

7: Key Selling Points

Use a maximum of 4 bullet points (3 is better) to list your Key Selling Points. Keep them short

8: CTA: Call-to-Action

Your CTA should be clear and clean. Easy to see. Easy to understand.Your CTA should be easy to take action on… ex: Click This Button… Call This PH#. Don’t make them search… make it OBVIOUS.

9: Make It Mobile Friendly

Design your message to be Mobile Friendly. Over 20% of Emails are opened on a phone and that # is growing daily.

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