Getting to Know You

Here is an exercise that I would like everyone to participate that reads this. Simply reply with your answers – it will be fun!

1.          Age:

2.          Biggest fear:

3.          Favorite time of the year

4.          Favorite drink :

5.          Early bird or night owl?

6.          Favorite song:

7.          Ghosts, are they real?:

8.          Hometown:

9.          In love with:

10.        Jealous of:

11.        Killed someone?:

12.        Last time you felt happy:

13.        Do you have any pets?

14.        Number of siblings:

15.        One wish:

16.        Person you  call the most often:

17.        Question you’re always asked:

18.        Reason to smile:

19.        Song last sang:

20.        Your favorite ”toy”:

21.        Underwear color:

22.        Vacation dream destination:

23.        Worst habit:

24.        Favorite room/space in your house:

25.        Your favorite food:

26.        Zodiac sign:


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