3 Types of YouTube Videos That Will Bring You Leads

For the most part, I strongly advocate picking a basic marketing strategy and sticking to it. This strategy should combine online and offline elements, and needs to respect the time and resources you have available.

Sometimes it’s fun and profitable to branch out in new ways. One way that Realtors® can make an impact is through YouTube Videos. Having a YouTube page for your real estate business is important anyway – you can post walkthroughs there for additional visibility. But getting in front of the camera yourself is also a great marketing strategy.

What You Need to Create YouTube Videos

Many people assume you need an amazing video setup that costs a ton of money if you want to make YouTube videos. Fortunately, that isn’t true at all. Here are the things you actually do need:

A phone or camera that can make reasonably good quality videos
A clip-on microphone if your phone has trouble picking up sound
A tripod (available on Amazon for very little)
Reasonably good lighting – being outside or near a window is helpful
Professional dress
Not as intimidating as you expected, is it? Now, if you make YouTube a significant, ongoing part of your marketing strategy, you’ll eventually want to invest more into your equipment. To start with, however, this is all you need.

3 Types of Videos That Will Bring You Leads

The next question is, what do you make a video about? Obviously, you want to maximize return on your time invested, so they should be videos that will help you attract leads. Here are three types of videos that can do that.

Neighborhood Explainer Video

This video would be focused on an area you’re farming. You would just do a rundown on the neighborhood, explaining market conditions, schools nearby, local attractions, shops, and activities. Videos don’t have to be extremely long – they just have to provide great information. You’ll want to focus on the positive qualities of the neighborhood, and promote it online both to people who already live there and might list, and those who want to move into the area.

If you do a great job with the neighborhood video, residents of the neighborhood will probably share it for you to their own online following. Remember to not only give great information, but to have fun and showcase your personality at the same time.

Real Estate Process Video

This is a behind-the-scenes type video where you explain what goes into a real estate transaction. Starting from the beginning, describe the process that you go through as you serve your clients. This video will interest prospects and introduce you as someone who can help them.

This type of video is great for two reasons. First, it provides helpful information to anyone who is about to buy or sell a home regarding what they can expect from each step of the journey. Second, it answers the question “what do Realtors® do that’s valuable, anyway?” without being defensive or salesy. Definitely a win-win for you!

Things to Consider Before a FSBO

The purpose of this type of video is to explain some of the pitfalls of a FSBO and explain how the homeowner doesn’t really net any additional money doing it themselves. By pointing out the pain points of extra hassle and possible missed steps, you can encourage potential FSBOs to list with you instead.

This video should be positioned as being informational, although of course it is aimed at generating leads as well. Showcase your knowledge, professionalism, and personality. Maybe someone who sees it and decides to try a FSBO anyway will call you when it doesn’t sell!

In all cases, these videos should include a “call to action” at the end – an invitation to contact you for more information. This can include visiting your website or emailing you, but the best call to action is generally for them to call you. That way you can start communicating in person right away.


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