Age Bias from Insurance Companies

“Inform, Advise, Execute.”

That, according to PJP Health’s website, is the health insurer’s goal. Unfortunately, the company didn’t apply those three principles to employee education about age discrimination.

At least that’s what a lawsuit filed this week by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suggests.

The EEOC sued the Melvin, N.Y. insurer, alleging that it allowed older employees to be harassed by others, that it failed to take complaints about harassment seriously, and that it fired workers based both upon their age and after they had complained about age discrimination.

In its suit, the EEOC said the only three PJP employees over the age of 40 were the object of “offensive age-based insults.

The commission said the company knew about the harassment due to receipt of a number of complaints from those targeted but “failed to take appropriate action to investigate and correct the hostile work environment as required by law.”

The EEOC specifically cited PJP for failing to promote a 45-year-old female due to her age and then firing her after she complained that she was being discriminated against because of her age. The commission said the company terminated two male employees ages 57 and 61 due to their age.

Attempts to reach PJP for comment were unsuccessful.

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