5 Things NOT to do in a job search

1) “Employers will be impressed if you take the initiative to show up in person instead of just applying online.” In most fields these days, showing up to apply in person will mark you as unprofessional and out of touch.

2) “Call to follow up on your application, or you won’t look interested in the job.” Maybe this strategy worked at some point, but these days employers frown on follow-up calls that show you don’t understand how the hiring process works. 3) “Say in your cover letter that you’ll call in a week to schedule an interview.” In reality, job seekers don’t get to decide to schedule an interview. The ball is in the employer’s court to decide which of the strongest candidates they’d like to speak with.

4) “Go ahead and inflate your current salary. Everyone does it, and employers don’t really check.” Everyone does NOT do it, and most employers do check. A lie can torpedo a job offer that had been a sure thing.

5) “You need to find a way to stand out from the pack. Send the hiring manager chocolate, turn your resume into an infographic, send a hard copy by overnight mail etc.” Gimmicks like these usually don’t work. The best way job seekers stand out is by being qualified for the job, and have a solid cover letter and resume that highlights your achievements.

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