Finding a Good Real Estate Mentor

If you are one of those people who find themselves in a dead end job, working long hours for little pay, you may have longed for a way to achieve financial freedom. Everyone has seen the stories of those who have changed their lives through real estate.


It has the potential to give you everything you want in life, but don’t be fooled, it is not as easy as it looks. Any successful realtor will tell you, it takes education and hard work. So, what is the best way to learn how to work in real estate? Finding a good real estate mentor is the optimal solution.

What makes a good mentor? Everyone has had mentors in their lives. People along the way who teach and inspire you to achieve more. Whether it be a teacher, an elder relative, or a friend, a good mentor educates by example. The same is true with a real estate mentor. A good mentor will show you all the aspects you need to know about to start real estate. It should be someone who has achieved success in the industry and has the experience and tools they can impart to you.

Research is the key to finding a good real estate mentor. They should be able to prove their experience and expertise in the field. They will be knowledgeable in multiple strategies and be able to show you what works and what doesn’t. They will probably be in demand for coaching seminars and one on one training. It is important to find out exactly what you will learn from them and how much they charge for their services. Using someone who has only been in the business for less than 5 years is simply not a good idea unless this person has done over 100 transactions in that amount of time.

Establishing a relationship with the mentor is an important step. You need to know that this is someone you can work with and take direction from. You should be willing to do whatever it takes to be a value to your mentor. If you offer to do all the legwork on a deal, you will go a long way in proving yourself worthy to them. You may be able to offset the cost of your mentoring with work you can do for them. However, you will have to show that you are seriously dedicated to learning all the aspects of the business. Real estate is a highly competitive and challenging industry, and tenacity is essential to success.

As with learning anything in life, it is important to have a good teacher. A real estate mentor should be able to teach you what you need to start your career, while avoiding mistakes and pitfalls. With hard work and an experienced mentor, you have a chance to make your goals in life a reality in real estate.

Robert J Russell, IRES, ICREA, LAS, LUTCF, REALTOR and Licensed Insurance Broker has been in business for 30 yrs and has helped people all over the world with Real Estate and Insurance. Find out more on how he could be your next mentor – visit



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