It’s time to surprise your clients

Most people enjoy a good surprise which makes it a key tactic to grow your business.

But few businesses are good or creative when it comes to planning surprises, so they miss this great opportunity to differentiate themselves in their marketplace by using the power of surprise to delight and amaze clients.



The majority of our clients expect that our service will be a satisfactory experience, which means that the only way to exceed their expectations is to give them something they don’t expect.

Tip #1: Secret to Surprise Marketing

What constitutes surprise marketing? It’s the little, unexpected gestures that make a huge impression on clients, especially when they tell others about it. It’s that ‘word of mouth’ that creates a strong repeat, referral and revenue-generating business.

How do you get started with surprise marketing?

  • Think about what you’ve done in the past and do something different.
  • Look at what your competition is doing, and go a different route.
  • Ask yourself, “what could I do that I’ve never done before?”
  • Get creative when it comes to holidays, seasons, sports, animals, current events, etc.

Remember—marketing is all about relationships, and like any relationship, you have to keep it fresh.

Surprises needn’t cost a lot and if your tactic doesn’t create a buzz, you can try something else.

Tip #2: Attention-Getting Surprises

You can introduce an element of surprise into your marketing by incorporating some or all of the ideas below

  • give a 25 or 50 percent discount on a service to the first 5 customers who respond to an ad
  • before Thanksgiving, have a drawing for a free turkey for clients who return a form, survey or referral request letter
  • before Halloween, offer a free pumpkin for anyone who calls to book a holiday decorating service with you
  • send out a client appreciation letter with either a packet of hot chocolate; hot spiced cider mix or a $5.00 Starbuck’s card
  • attach a Payday or Million Dollar candy bar to a staging note, flyer or card saying ‘use my services and earn more commissions’
  • host a ‘Sundae on Thursday’ event at a real estate office (take a cooler with containers of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, caramel and fudge toppings and make sundaes for agents). This is also a great idea for agents to do at an open house!
  • give your favorite book as a gift-or a more economical idea is to share your favorite quotes or tips with clients and potential clients
  • do the unexpected when staging or redesigning and creatively tie the towels as a surprise ‘leave behind’
  • leave a wish list form after a project with helpful suggestions and purchasing suggestions for the homeowners
  • follow-up: call a week or two after project to see how they are enjoying the services you provided

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