5 Top Benefits of Social Media and your Business

In this time and age, social media has become part of our daily lives. Facebook and Twitter, the two biggest social media platforms used today have 500 and 106 million users respectively.


Just imagine taking advantage of these media for connecting with your clients and increasing your customer base. The benefits could be limitless.

Facebook has also anticipated that sooner or later businesses will make use of it being a free platform just like so many social media sites thus it now has space for ads and gifting options for users. Twitter has not come up with the same idea yet but for sure, will soon follow suit. Pinterest is another budding socmed site that has been seen to be of great use to businesses. When used appropriately, these social media sites can deliver the following benefits:

  1. Free advertising – Despite the many benefits social media can provide businesses, they are for free. Signing up for them doesn’t entail any cost. Making your business known or posting photos of your products can be done without having to worry about the accompanying cost of doing so. There are Facebook pages that are perfect for businesses.
  2. Easily build customer base – With a massive number of people using Facebook, Twitter and other sites, it is a lot easier for customers to find your business when you have signed up for these sites. It is equally easy for you to find your customers all in one place.
  3. Better customer service – What’s good with these social media sites is the fact that customers can easily reach the business not just to avail of products or service but also to share their comments and opinion of the business and the services offered. With customers’ feed backs that are easily welcomed comes the chance for the business to improve its services. Positive feedback from customers will greatly improve business reputation which is easily shared on SOCMED platforms.
  4. Faster service delivery and customer reach – When business is done through these social platforms, delivery of service will greatly improve when it comes to efficiency. Your customers will have better access to these sites more than their mailbox for instance. Sending them newsletters for instance is better done through Facebook rather than the traditional way. Shares, likes and re-tweet scan also reach a bigger crowd in 24 hours compared to that of old school marketing.
  5. Aid online marketing efforts and SEO – With the use of social platforms, it would be easier to get customers directed to the business’ main website or at least get them curious. This could improve traffic and optimization of the website. Even web searches give recommendations from these social platforms a big point when it comes to relevance. It could really be a great SEO tool too.

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