Facts to Be Considered Before Buying a House

Dealing with Properties? There are some important things to be considered before buying it.There is huge money involved in it and it’s a complex legal process. It would be wise to hire a real estate agent.And there are some great benefits: we save our time, the agents know the current market condition, they can guide us with the financial and legal details.


People often ignore it;they read newspapers or magazines and they make an inquiry about the property as they see advertised. You should hire an expert, who will understand your needs. You should make a detailed inquiry with the agents about the commission and if it’s substantial. Agents have a high convincing power;anything they are showing they will portray it as the best, so be careful & negotiate properly.

The process of buying a property is complex, full of paperwork and it requires expert advices because we cannot ignore small problems.These little things can cause a big problem in the transaction process. Following are some of the factors to be considered before buying a house:

Location: Properties are vital investments; its value has to increase gradually & the location plays a vital role. Before buying, always check the area thoroughly, the infrastructure, security, transportation facilities, schools,etc. And always buy the worst house on the best street. Always take pictures of the property you’re visiting, this would help you for the evaluation.

Budget: Buy the house for less than what you can afford because there would be many unexpected future expenses. Always offer less thanthe asking price.Research as many properties you can in the nearby area& always create a win win situation. Do the math and assure yourself how much the mortgage repayments will be.

Real estate Attorney: We have to be very careful with legal procedure to avoid falling into legal hassles. Don’t become stingy when it comes to legal fees. Hire a personal lawyer even though your mortgage company provides you a lawyer, to help draft all documents.

Mortgages: To prevent delays ideally you would have arranged a mortgage before you find a property you want to buy;if you haven’t then arrange it quickly once your bid has been accepted. Prepare all basic documents when you apply for a mortgage because every lender request for it. Don’t assume you have achieved your goal once the lender pulls your credit and approves you because most of the lenders will try to pull your credit again before the loan closes. If a lender rejects your mortgage application don’t think he/she was the last person on the earth.Instead try different lenders and try to improve your credit.

Home Inspection: It’s always wise to hire an engineer for inspection or get ready for a new buy in a couple of years. Don’t get freaked out if a problem arises it can be adjusted with the small price.

Remember! Negotiate smartly, become stingy, check the documents properly and become a detective.

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