Advice For Realtors on Advertising


Creating a website for your firm is one of the great ideas for realtors, and is a popular advertising technique. You can make the website informative and attractive, while still keeping it professional.


Provide sufficient details about properties with possess and update the website regularly. Add a section to your website to invite questions from potential clients and also give complete contact details. You could have a comment box, wherein your previous customers can comment on their experience, or can share articles for the same. Ensure that your website is regularly updated and also see to it that you reply promptly to any queries raised.


Publicize the name of your firm by distributing leaflets. Mention some famous properties which you have sold successfully that people can easily recall. Mention about any additional service like housecleaning service or lawn service, you will be able to provide at some discounted rates. Think of other innovative ways to attract more clients to your firm. Not only are leaflets cheap advertising idea, but they are also effective as you can cover lots of ground by distributing leaflets. You might want to read on some flyer ideas. Billboards are other ways to publicize your firm.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is another most used real estate marketing idea. Ensure that you have a big page, all to yourself, in the yellow pages. There too, you can mention some of the additional services that you can provide. This will certainly give you the edge, in comparison to other competitors. The advertisement in yellow pages should be professional, at the same time, it should be more appealing than those of others. Enlist professionals for advertising ideas on how to draft an advertisement, if needed.


Advertising in magazines is another idea for realtors to work on. You can place advertisements in home decorating magazines and interior decorating magazines. Place the advertisements at strategic positions so that they can grab the customers’ attention. You can ask previous clients to say something about your firm and the services offered by your firm. These testimonials from your clients will be a great help in boosting your prospective client list.


Property exhibitions, small and big community fairs are fairly common and can some of the best places to let people know about your firm and the services that your firm provides. Stalls at a fair can be one of the popular real estate advertising ideas. Book a stall and ask all people, who visit your stall, to give you their email id’s so that you can keep them informed about your listings. Also, collect their business cards, if possible. This will help you in making your own database. You can later keep on increasing the database with continual contacts with these people, and by asking them for more references.


Mall is a place where you will find many people. Set up a stall at a strategic location that ensures that people pass by on their way. Distribute leaflets and business cards to them. This is a good way of increasing your database. If you go on a weekend, or in the evenings, you will be able to access more people. This could become a free advertising idea or if you are required to pay money, it will be minimal.

Online Sites

Online marketing sites are very popular advertising ideas for small businesses. In addition to having your own website, you could also enlist the name of your firm on some online sites which help advertise. Such sites can help you to increase the number of prospective customers as they reach out to a lot of people at the same time. Ensure that all your contact details are updated regularly.


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