How to get more Followers on Twitter (this works!)

Everyone is always trying to get more followers on Twitter so they will pay money, join crazy follow groups or do just about anything to get the followers.

The truth is if you are following more people than are following you – it simply makes you look unattractive on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. You want more people following you than you are following them.

So here is how you get more followers!

1. Follow a BUNCH of people – make sure that these people are not already following you.

2. Everyday go to your Twitter Account and see what new followers you have, then as you look at your list of new followers, unfollow them. Is this rude ? well……they probably don’t even realize that you are not following them.

The goal here is to be following about 100 people for every 1000+ people that are following you. If it is reversed and you are following 1000 people and only 100 people are following you, then your numbers will always look bad.

To follow me – @robertjrussell –

Happy Tweeting!


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