Today’s Moments in History

Moments in History

February 15, 1950 – Walt Disney studios releases Cinderella.
February 16, 1968 – The first 911 phone system in the U.S. goes into service in Haleyville, Alabama.
February 17, 1933 – The Blaine Act, initiating the repeal of Prohibition, passes in the U.S. Senate.
February 17, 1958 – Cartoonist Johnny Hart’s comic strip, B.C., debuts in newspapers.
February 18, 1977 – The first space shuttle, Enterprise, makes its maiden flight (carried atop a Boeing 747), over the Mojave Desert. It was a test shuttle and never actually made it into space, since it was built without engines or a heat shield.
February 19, 1949 – Yale University awards Ezra Pound the first Bollingen Prize for poetry.
February 19, 1980 – U.S. speed skater Eric Heiden skates an Olympic record for the 1000m in 1:15.18. Two days later, he breaks the 1500m record with a time of 1:55.44.
February 20, 1962 – John Glenn flies the Friendship 7 mission to become the first American to orbit the Earth.
February 21, 1925 – The New Yorker magazine debuts.

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