Branded or NonBranded Website – The Question on Prospecting

Some people think that a “stealth real estate website” will capture more leads for Realtors than a website with a Realtor name on it. The theory is that internet searchers are afraid of being contacted by salespeople and thus want to remain anonymous in their home searching.


This may be true. It is possible to set up one or more Realtor websites without the Realtor’s name appearing anywhere on the site. The only way this works to benefit the Realtor is if the stealth website captures many more leads in the form of names and email addresses.

The more email addresses you have the more effective your email marketing system will be, leading to more closings and more commissions. So you definitely want to capture as many email addresses as possible.

Whether it’s stealth or branded, the website that captures emails will want to offer something of great value to the site visitor in exchange for giving up their emails. Typically what’s offered is access to free property searches, a customized home value report, or some other valuable real estate information such as a listing of all homes for sale in a given zip code.

My opinion is that a stealth (nonbranded) website can work for a Realtor to capture leads only if it is paired with a branded website bearing the Realtor name.

We can now set up new websites for Realtors in about an hour, that are custom designed. With some additional time we can optimize the site and get it ranked in Google for real estate Keyword search terms. Because of this there is no reason for a Realtor to have just one website.

The concept of stealth websites makes sense because consumers have gotten gun-shy. Many of them are fearful of getting a call from a real estate sales person. They love surfing the web for real estate information but don’t want to actually talk to anybody.

Eventually these people will want to talk to a knowledgeable real estate professional who understands their needs and desires. If you’ve helped them through a customized stealth website and then moved them to recognize your name and brand, then the real estate professional they choose will be you.



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