How California Firms feel after Moving to Texas

Here’s a rude shock for anyone who thinks companies might regret moving from California to Texas: They don’t.

Young interviewed a handful of Californians who made the move, including executives and employees of American Specialty Health, a San Diego-based company that established an operations center in Southlake. It sells fitness plans and other custom health products.

Young found that executives and even employees who played no part in relocation decisions seem to be happy with what they’ve found here. An excerpt from his story:

Take Marcel Hayward, a 30-year-old supervisor for American Specialty Health. … Hayward cut his monthly rent by $170 for the same-sized apartment. Plus it’s a nicer place, with granite countertops, hardwood floors and a washer/dryer included.

Hayward said he’s loved exploring Dallas in the four months since he’s moved. And his girlfriend loves the trails outside the city.

“I tell my friends it’s a fantastic place to live,” he said. “You have that city feel in downtown Dallas, very much like San Diego. In a 20-minute drive to the suburb, you feel like you’re out in the country.”

Others interviewed by Young cited Texas’ central geography, business-friendly climate and just plain friendly people as positives from their moves to locations such as suburban Houston and Corpus Christi.

“It’s been a great decision for the company,” said Ron Mittelstaedt, CEO of Waste Connections Inc., which moved its corporate headquarters from Folsom, California, to the Houston area in 2011.

But not everything is rosy in Texas.

The story also said CEOs aren’t finding operational costs to be much lower than in California and they think it can be harder to recruit skilled workers.

Mittelstaedt of Waste Connections told the Sacramento Business Journal that the Houston region makes Sacramento seem like a buyer’s market.

“It takes longer to fill a salaried position because those applicants have more options here,” Mittelstaedt told Young.

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