Who works for your company ?

Actions that are driven by the heart play a big part in our personal relationships. The question is: What role do they have in business?

While the business arena may seem like another world – one that relies on number crunching and tough decisions – it’s important to remember that the major force behind any successful business is the level of service it provides to its customers. What you are about to discover is that elevating your company’s service also means elevating the intention behind it.

Johnny the Bagger… A True Story
Johnny is a bagger at a grocery store. Not only is Johnny’s position considered entry level, he happens to be a person with Down syndrome. It would be easy to look at him and figure the most he can offer his company is the successful performance of his work duties. But, by acting from the heart, Johnny managed to put his personal stamp on his job and in turn, create wonderful memories for his customers.

After clocking out, Johnny would go home and look for an inspirational thought of the day. When he couldn’t find a thought that he liked, he made up one of his own. With his dad’s help, Johnny printed them on small pieces of paper and signed his name to the back. At work, when Johnny would bag the customers’ groceries, he’d include this inspirational thought and then wish them a nice day.

Johnny’s actions appear nowhere in his job description. The only place they can be found is in his heart. Through these thoughtful actions, Johnny built a fan base. Customers began lining up at his checkout stand, refusing to switch to a shorter line. They’d tell you they did so in order to read his inspirational message. But the truth is Johnny made a real connection with them. As the store’s patronage increased, co-workers caught on and began applying his example to their own job duties. The store became the talk of the town.

Actions from the Heart
We are all human beings and part of the human condition is to feel emotion. So, what role do actions from the heart play in business? They play a very big role.

Many businesses have the ability to put forth a good product along with excellent service. But how many companies do it by way of heartfelt action? The point is that competition in business can be intense. And while the practice of putting forth a top-notch product is important, there is much more to the story.

By connecting in a heartfelt way with your customers and clients, you are showing them that you care about their world as well. The result is great memories for all concerned. It’s easy to get caught up in the bottom line. But the simple truth is that by acting from the heart, we improve that bottom line, an inspirational thought of its own.

Just as it’s important for you to apply Johnny’s example, it is equally important to encourage your employees to do the same. You never know, there may be a Johnny already working in your company.


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